About the company

Our production is constantly being improved, increasing the product range. The company has mastered a wide range of repairs of passenger rolling stock including obemeDR, KR-1 KR-2, as well as overhaul and refurbishment with the replacement of the bodywork. Factory refurbished more than 50 cars in the amount of CWR to renovations vvagony types. All of them at the Belarusian uspehomekspluatiruyutsya zheleznoydoroge, with their value at 40-50% below the cost of similar new vagonov.Na based overhaul of restored passenger cars to be a unique tourist train, consisting izspalnyh cars, dining cars, car, shower, car- disco вагонадизельэлектростанции with prachechnoy.Zavodom is stroitelstvosovmeschennyh flaw detector car to a body of Tver bazenovogo vagonostroitelnogozavoda and Body Company "Vagonmash" the city's long history in SanktPeterburg.Segodnya коллективавагоноремонтников turns novayastranitsa - our enterprise starts kstroitelstvu coaches together with JSC "Kryukov vagonostroitelnyyzavod."